Inspirational Speaking

Sharing my Cancer journey and near death experience. Presentations focusing on the themes of resilience, positivity and adaptability
Available Presentations

Inspiring a positive mindset...

Want to get your brand noticed and generate more leads? Want support with marketing campaigns and strategy? Ace Marketing & PR helps your business come to life with:


Inspirational Speaking

Marketing & Advertising

Dedicated marketing strategy and campaign management covering digital marketing, advertising, targeting, SEO, ecomms, partnerships, events and more

Inspirational Speaking 2

Branding & Positioning

Identifying your brand positioning, perception and differentiation leading to brand guidelines and a range of assets via trusted designers

Inspirational Speaking 3

Public Relations & Content Strategy

Building and maintaining a positive image for your brand, generating awareness, copywriting and increasing retention through social media marketing

Market Research & Training

Understanding what resonates with your audience through targeted research and empowering your teams with a range of marketing/PR training courses

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